Personal training London can get really boring if it’s just in a gym all the time! When the sun is shining and it’s beautiful outside, you can’t be stuck indoors trying to exercise. Thankfully, London has a wide selection of different options for people who are trying to exercise in the outdoors. To try and help you find some good places to get your personal training going, we’re going to look at the best outdoor locales for the active individual.

Paradise Park

Our first location is located in Islington, and is called Paradise Park. This is something with more regimen and structure than other places, but it also offers the fully immersive outdoor experience for anyone who is trying to exercise in hot weather. There’s track and field exercise space available, so it’s perfect for testing your mettle while also enjoying an exercise experience.

Hampstead Heath Pond

Anyone for a swim? That’s the idea behind this location. No one said that personal training couldn’t take place in the water – it offers a whole different way to exercise that people may not have considered until now. This stunning location offers a very natural swim for anyone who’s looking into it, and the location is actually world renowned for all of its various options and benefits.

Holland Park Outdoor Gym

For some people, they can’t quite marry up their love of the gym with a desire to be outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. However, now you can. Holland Park has a free outdoor gym, which makes it even better than the regular gym in some instances. There’s all kinds of facilities and a lot to do, which is why it’s hugely popular in the summertime. However, that shouldn’t stop you from going – there’s nothing greater than working out in the sun for some people, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Tooting Track

Another great location for people to conduct their personal training outdoors is Tooting Track. It’s got places to run and jog, but it also has some very helpful gym facilities. It’s a complete package for people who are trying to get a full body workout, which makes it highly popular for people who want to be able to enjoy a workout experience in the sun. That means that you could just as easily get on with personal training too.

Overall, these are just a few of the best possible outdoor locations for people to undertake their personal training. We appreciate that it can get a bit boring slogging away in a gym every day. Sometimes you want to be able to kick back in the sun and push yourself to the limits outdoors. Any of these locations would be good for you to choose from, as they all offer their own unique charms and facilities. However, it’s important that you find somewhere which works for you, because otherwise you won’t be able to train properly. If possible, ask for your personal trainers opinion, and see where they would recommend too – they might know a hidden gem!

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