Everyone loves a bargain don’t they? Something inexpensive, cheap, a price so low that it’s laughable. But cheap can also mean poor quality, inferior, not as good. And when it comes to hiring a PT, hitting search on ‘cheap personal trainer London’ might not be the best move for your health- and here’s why.

1) Qualifications: There’s no denying that training to become a professional PT, and keeping up to date with courses, isn’t cheap. It means a commitment to professional development and continually refreshing and renewing skills. So that cheap personal trainer in London might actually mean that you end up with someone who hasn’t committed the resources (both financial and time) to getting the right qualifications to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

2) Experience: The reason you engage a personal trainer in the first place is because you want to make big changes to your health and fitness, and need the support of an experienced personal trainer to help you to do this. Often, if you’ve found a personal trainer who is really cheap, it’s because they are brand new to the industry and so, often won’t have the specific experience that you need.

3) The Training: Good and effective personal training means personalised, bespoke sessions that are designed around your specific needs and goals. And as a PT, that means a lot of work. Not just trotting out the same tired old routines, but varying the workouts, the location, the intensity and duration, all of which keeps you interested and motivated. When you choose cheap personal training, it can mean that the quality of training just won’t be as good as it could be.

4) Advice: Personal training always works best when it’s undertaken as part of a complete package that considers fitness alongside nutrition. What you eat fuels your workouts and if you are eating the right things at the right times, then it enhances your personal training. Cheap personal training could be no frills personal training; no advice, no nutrition guidance, so the overall impact on your health and fitness will be far less.

5) Commitment: A good PT will go out of their way to help you to meet your fitness and health goals. If that means sessions late at night or first thing in the morning because it suits your schedule better, then most PT’s will try and accommodate you. They are also dedicated to your sessions, and ultra-committed to helping you to meet your fitness goals. Go cheap on the training though, and you may find that you end up with a personal trainer who is lacking on the commitment.

6) Your Health: Think about it. If you were paying for someone to do an operation on you, the last thing you’d want is someone that advertises themselves as cheap. And it’s the same thing with personal training. You’re putting your health and wellbeing in the hands of the personal trainer, and that means choosing the best, most experienced, well qualified and committed trainer that you can find. If budget is an issue, a better alternative to cheap personal training is often group personal training with a quality PT. Then you get the quality, but share the cost.

Another option if you are looking for a cheap personal trainer in London is group personal training which you get a quality Personal trainer for a reduced fee usually between £25-£30 per session

To find out more about Right Path Fitness’ range of quality group personal training sessions, email info@rightpathfitness.co.uk

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