Yoga might not be a class that we offer at Right Path Fitness, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognise the value that yoga offers as a form of exercise. Yoga has many benefits, not least being the positive impact it can have on stress levels. It can also help us to improve posture and breathing, and increase strength, flexibility and endurance. If yoga is something you’d like to add to your personal training regime, then here are some yoga classes you can try in London right now.

1) The intuitive one: London based brand MoreYoga focuses on yoga and variations with 15 sites around the capital including Clapham Junction, Tower Bridge and Aldgate. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to more advanced yogis, MoreYoga’s aim is to make yoga an affordable activity with a ‘no-fuss’ approach. Rather than a prescriptive format, MoreYoga classes are said to be intuitive with specialist restorative classes and traditional yoga classes with a twist.

2) The beginner’s one: Located at Honor Oak Wellness Rooms in South East London, this 3 hour yoga for beginner’s workshop promises to teach you all of the basic yoga poses, including simple breathing techniques and guided meditation. If you’re brand new to yoga, or would like to build up your confidence before joining a regular class, this course could be a good option. Available to book through Obby, the learning marketplace.

3) The guys one: Hosted by corporate lawyer turned yoga and yoga nidra practitioner Stephen Marks, the 9th September is his first Men’s Urban Retreat. Kicking off at 9am through to 5pm, the retreat includes a variety of yoga classes, guided meditation, a gong bath and massage treatments. Courses on conscious leadership, mindful drinking and sleep management are also part of the day. Location is the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch with lunch and goody bag included.

4) The multi-sensory one: Based in Aldgate, FLY LDN is a multi-sensory yoga experience, complete with spine tingling playlists and cinematic visuals. Classes utilise traditional vinyasa sequences and are said to complement traditional strength training and fitness principles. If this sounds like the class for you, ease in gently with a Base Flow or Slow Flow class, progressing to Flow Life with its more dynamic sequences.

5) The hot pod one: With classes in Notting Hill, Brixton, South Wimbledon and Hackney, Hotpod Yoga is just like it sounds- around 20 people in an inflatable cocoon like pod heated to 37 degrees, complete with muted purple lighting and urban chill tunes. Classes have roots in vinyasa flow where breathing is synchronised with a dynamic flow of movements. The heat is said to aid flexibility and movement whilst making the heart work that bit harder.

6) The pregnancy one: Turnstall Studios is Brixton is the venue for this pregnancy yoga class from Black Cat Yoga, said to help women enjoy pregnancy with minimal discomfort whilst strengthening the body for labour. Classes will also focus on essential relaxation and increasing awareness of breathing. Suitable after the first trimester. Can be booked at:

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