Hire Your Dedicated Personal Trainer in Shoreditch at Right Path

Our personal trainers at Right Path fitness studio don’t just fuss about regular workouts. We are here to inspire you to live a healthier, more holistic lifestyle outside the gym as well. We strive for achieving personal transformations not only on a physical level but on an emotional scale as well. Start loving your body and giving it the treatment it truly deserves!

Personal Trainers in Shoreditch: Fix a Date Today

We offer flexible schedules to suit your busy calendar. Our personal trainers are available on demand at the location you name – a park nearby for a blast lunch training session, your apartment or one of our exclusive private studios, equipped with all the necessary gear.

There’s no need for an immediate long-term commitment either. Simply schedule a demo session with one our professionals to get a feel of our overall approach to physical training.

Your personal transformation will start with a detailed consulting session, where you’ll go through your ultimate fitness goals, assess your current physical shape and your nutrition.

An assigned certified sports buff from Right Path will develop a custom workout plan for you based on that initial assessment. We take all your peculiarities into account and develop actionable plans to suit your needs – no recycling, parroting other instructors or following standardized protocols. Your fitness plan will be truly “yours”.

What We Can Help You With

Right Path studio offers a curated selection of various workout programs.

  • Do you want to get sculptured in 6-weeks?
  • Get into fabulous pre-birth shape?
  • Drop up to three sizes and reduce your body fat amount by 20%?
  • Gain your self-confidence back and start loving yourself and your body more?

These are just some of the results our clients managed to achieve after beginning their training with us.

Your personal trainer in Shoreditch isn’t just a person to scorn and drill you. We employ friendly, compassionate and result-drive mates with respective educational and professional backgrounds in sports. The kind of people who not only talk the talk, but actually walked the walk and are now here to share their accumulated experience:

Get to know more about our personal trainers or reach out today to schedule your first training session on our prime Shoreditch studio!

Get in touch today to find out more. Call Keith on 0207 3661 384 / 07426 031400 or send an email using the contact form.

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